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Interior Design Consultation
Rachelle Goodfriend, principal of Goodfriend Design Group, will meet with you at your home or office to explore and identify your needs and desires for your environment. Our design solutions are inspired by our client's inner expressiveness and are never externally imposed by Goodfriend Design Group. A summary report is prepared for you as a guideline for the project.

Interior Color Consultation
Your home is one of the most outspoken expressions of who you are. Color sets the stage for your voice in your home. We can either provide you with a "colors only" consult or integrate it into the Design Consultation described above. Painting your spaces will help you save money...yes, save money and on items you thought you needed to replace because they were looking "tired" against the drab walls. We take pride in this dual outcome: a new color palette as background, and the opportunity to preserve our clients' resources — time and money.

Exterior Home Color Consultation
We know that people are happier in environments when they feel their own personality, style and creativity are being reflected. We are delighted when clients who have redone the inside of their homes request color consultations for the exterior of their homes. We follow the same process for defining the desires and needs for the way your home says "welcome" before anyone ever steps in the front door.

Remodel Design Consultation
Do you have an architect and contractor on board for your remodel? That's great. Would you like some ideas for the design of your "new" kitchen, family room, bedroom or bathroom? We provide a powerful, effective bridge between you and your other suppliers. From the big picture to the smallest detail, we ensure that what you see on the blueprint comes to life in beautiful ways that create comfort, function, and beauty in your new spaces.

Space Planning and Room Layout
Do your guests end up with their backs to one another in your living room? Do people sit in awkward, uncomfortable positions on your floor because they don't know where else to sit? We will rearrange existing furnishings to optimize your space and comfort or design a floorplan. Arranging spaces to make you, your family, and guests comfortable will make you all happier and more "at home." Now isn't that a great thought?

Select and Purchase Furnishings, Lighting, Window and Floor Coverings, Fabrics and Accessories
You don't have the time and don't want to spend precious energy selecting needed items for the changes you want to make. We will do that for you and help make the most out of your shopping dollars, whether through discounts, or simply by wise shopping. We have great resources and can make your shopping easier, less exhausting, and more time-and cost effective. We will provide a buffet of shopping services — from doing it all, with your guidance and approval, to shopping with you, to simply providing you with our private list of tested resources. Let us know what best suits your needs and budget.

Environmentally Friendly Design Solutions
Are you thinking of making small or large changes in your home to enhance your health, your family's well-being  and the planet's longevity? Goodfriend Design Group will guide you in taking the steps you want to create a sustainable and beautiful environment in your home or work space. We've got the education and the conviction to inform you of what is GREEN and where you can purchase products that align with your desires.

Subcontractor Resources
We have a wealth of resources available for you to make your design project run smoothly. Do you have an architect and contractor working closely with you? If not, we have experienced, trusted professionals to help you. From lighting specialists to electricians or movers, you've come to the right place for excellent referrals. Do you need a fabricator to make drapes, curtains, duvet covers or pillows? Maybe you want to reupholster your favorite chair. Do you need excellent, precise painters to make the interior or exterior of your home glow? We've got them too! If we don't have someone at the tip of our fingers, we will find them. We are commited to making your life easier.

Commercial Design Services
Looking to increase your bottom line? First, change the color in your workspace and you will profoundly change the attitude and productiveness of your colleages. And who doesn't want a happier, more productive and motivated staff? Let color work for you! We provide color consultations as well as full design services for small and large businesses. Increase employee satisfaction and creativity by respecting the internal needs of your staff and your own well-being by making simple, affordable, powerful changes in your work environment. Again and again, we've watched a small design investment yield large results.

Design Consultation for Couples
Are you and your partner struggling to come up with a design plan that works for you both? You each want your needs met but oh is it ever stressful talking about them! Do you find yourselves avoiding making any decisions because of the turmoil? Or maybe you're not quite sure what you want and would like someone to guide you so you both end up happy with the design outcome. It is possible! Rachelle Goodfriend's background in psychotherapy comes in very handy at these times of conflict. She has created a Design Questionnaire for Couples that is featured in the new HGTV series, "Get it Together." The questionnaire informs you of your needs and desires and comes up with a plan that will blend your design styles and needs. Everyone ends up taken care of and content with the outcome. Now isn't that a great thought!

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