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Do you love being in your home?  Do you find it comfortable, beautiful, and restorative? If you do, read no further. But.... if you find yourself feeling stressed, restless, or not-at-home in your home, then let's talk:

 Perhaps you want to make changes to your existing space, but don’t know where to begin. You feel overwhelmed at the thought of embarking on a design project, so you either do nothing or you jump in with both feet and rush to make changes.  The upside? You got started. The downside: You may not be happy with what you’ve done.

Take a deep breath and imagine how it could be, with advice from someone who knew, liked, and respected you.

Design 101  
Wouldn’t it be amazing to walk into each room in your home feeling refreshed, relaxed, and inspired, with colors, design, lighting, floor plans, and all the rest that would add beauty and function to your living spaces and enhance your well-being? Let’s look at ten things your designer ought to tell you.  An ounce of prevention will prevent pounds of stress!

1. Do your homework before beginning your redesign or remodel. Look through design magazines and books to get an idea of the colors, designs, and style that ‘sing’ to you.  Stay with what meets your needs and tastes, not what suits your best friend or Aunt Sally. Clip pictures and put them in a folder for future reference.

Continue reading to learn the 9 other things your designer ought to tell you...

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